Letting Agents Liverpool

Letting Agents Liverpool – For landlord in Liverpool we offer a full range of services from full managed services for residential to tenant finding for commercial and residential. We have a vast experience of letting properties in Liverpool city center and in the Merseyside region.

Tenant Find Liverpool – For Tenants we have a vast range of local properties in Liverpool and Merseyside which you can find on our Property Search Page.

Letting Agents Wirral

Letting Agents Wirral – Having our office based on the Wirral makes us the ideal letting agent for any Wirral based landlord looking for property management on the Wirral please feel free to drop into our Letting office in Pensby and discuss your property, however remember the fee is fixed (£55/month).

Tenant Find Wirral – For Tenants we have a vast range of local properties on Wirral and Merseyside which you can find on our Property Search Page.

Letting Agents Chester

Letting Agents Chester – We work for a number of Landlord that have based in Chester and the Cheshire area and can offer a wide range of property management and letting services for residential and commercial properties.


Tenant Find Chester – For Tenants we have a vast range of local properties on Chester and Cheshire which you can find on our Property Search Page.


Because it’s open, honest and fair. In most cases, how much letting agents wirral charge makes no sense. Why a percentage of the rent for managing a property? It takes the same effort and cost to let a cheap property as does to let an expensive property, so the renting fees to agents should be the same too.

As an agent advertising properties to let through leading web search sites our costs are a fixed overhead and don’t change whether you’re renting out a mansion or a maisonette. So why penalise landlords with larger, more expensive properties by charging a percentage?

Some landlords might need to rent out a large family home to pay for medical care. Some landlords may have inherited a big property they don’t want to sell. Some landlords might need a buy to let agent to compensate for their lack of knowledge or lack of time. Some landlords might need to let a property to cover the mortgage while finding a buyer. Others might need an agent to rent out their home while working overseas.

We think it’s unfair these people should be charged more by taking a percentage of the rental value. That’s why we offer a flat rental management fee, no matter the rental value.

If a property manager charges a true percentage on a low rental property they either have to find a claw back method through the tenant (or landlord) – unfairly penalising the tenant – or make a loss. And you never want to be in business with someone who makes a loss.

Not if we want to stay in business we won’t. The market sets the rental value of any property. Too low and we won’t keep landlords as our customers. Too high and we won’t find any tenants for our landlords. It’s our job to deliver our letting service as efficiently as possible.

In an age when just 30 seconds on the web can give you total visibility of all rental asking prices for an area, there’s no way to hide an under pitched or over pitched rent. That means there’s no incentive for us to do either.

We will give our recommendations based on the property, its area and our experience, but the landlord decides the property rental price, not us. We’ll track the property with online tools and give feed back. The interested tenants will make an offer and the landlord is free to accept, decline or negotiate.

Nobody chooses somewhere to live on the basis of the letting agent. We’re a side show. Until there’s a problem with the property that needs fixing.

We’ve been both tenants and landlords ourselves in the past. We’ve managed private tenants directly and through letting agents. It’s the poor service we’ve experienced from some property managers that lead us to set up Propeller.

Unlike many agents we believe that solving tenants’ problems quickly and fairly is better for everyone. By looking after you we look after the property, by looking after the property we’re looking after the landlord’s valuable capital asset. And by looking after tenants and landlords our bottom line will look after itself.

We have separated the business lines, property management from rental income from maintenance, which allows us to remain VAT free – for now.


Because we’re private landlords ourselves and we were tired of being let down by poor letting managers. The families own and let a large property portfolio and we’ve been shocked by the rental service quality.

Does it really need nine months and £260 for a letting agent to replace a broken toilet seat? We had to hear that horror story straight from one of our tenants. So why were we paying a leading national property agent a big percentage fee to look after tenant and property? The more we talked to tenants and landlords the more we heard bad experiences like that. That’s why we set up Propeller.

The family business is construction and property development and we have over 15 years track record in buying, renovating and letting out properties, both directly ourselves and through property agents. In addition to our direct experience in this sector we can also apply the skills and training the team has learned in other careers.

With the leadership teams’ combined experience of brokering large oil deals, developing cutting edge technology for industry and promoting household-name brands nothing in the financial scale or operational complexity phases us. Add this to direct experience of running our own property portfolio we’re confident we can provide a better, fairer and more efficient letting service to both landlords and tenants.

Propeller is owned by three business partners who have been working together for more than 15 years. A business manager with MBA and PhD level qualifications, a former DOW Jones 500 senior manager and a managing director of an award winning marketing company.

Propeller is 100% financed by the owners, with no bank loans. It’s supported by our own property portfolio and by independently wealthy partners. Not only will Propeller not go bust, but as it progresses with expansion plans for offices across Merseyside and Cheshire and beyond, we, our landlords and tenants will benefit from efficiencies of scale.

As the cost per unit is largely fixed – hence our flat rate monthly letting management fee – no discount is available. We aim to be open and honest.

The exception large property portfolio letting, in excess of five properties, on behalf of a single point of contact. Then it makes sense to offer a lower management fee to match the reduced time it takes us. For example, talking to one person about multiple issues in multiple properties in a single meeting saves time and money, so we can pass on the saving in a reduced letting management cost.

That’s the right business model for some landlords, and it’s always worth looking at options. Rent protection cover is available cheaply, usually for around £7-9 a month if you shop around insurance providers.

Through multi-industry experience of planning, building and executing complex management systems we’ve been able to identify and solve the ‘choke points’ in letting management. We’ve invested time, effort and management know-how from other industries in streamlining our letting management systems at the outset. Cutting personnel hours on unproductive repetitive tasks means cutting cost and reducing the time needed to get things done. This saves operational time and money, which our customers, whether tenant or landlord, benefit from with reasonable costs and our time freed up to add value for a better, more efficient service.



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