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    Wirral Letting Agent: Expat Guide to Renting your Home in the UK.


    As a landlord, it can be tempting to cut out the middleman. Although, if you’re an expat landlord, that becomes pretty impossible. There are all kinds of issues that are just too tricky to sort from abroad. Here, at Propeller Lettings, we aim to make this as simple as possible for you. If you choose us as your agency, we will take care of everything from the handing over of the keys to checking the property regularly – making things as stress free as possible. 


    When not using an agency, being an expat landlord can be an unpleasant, stressful experience. You begin to rely on family and friends to make visits to the property and check up on tenants. This is a lot to ask and can create strains on relationships. 


    We know that your doubts and worries of agencies increase when you move out of the UK and feel even less in the loop. But Propeller Lettings want to assure you that we, as an agency, are devoted to sorting your landlord needs on time, efficiently and to the best of our ability. We follow agency codes of conduct and are willing to go above and beyond to ensure your needs are met. 


    Don’t get us wrong, being an expat landlord isn’t all negatives. Keeping your property in the UK, rather than selling it when you move away makes sense. It can provide an income, give you a base to return to in the UK and even makes it easier to obtain further mortgages later on, in particular if you’re looking to purchase more buy to let properties.


    So, if you’re looking for an agency or becoming an expat landlord is simply only an idea, contact Propeller Lettings and find out how exactly is it that we could help you. 



    0151 345 4490 



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    Lucky Wirral Landlords Look Forward to Rent Growth

    There has never been a better time to be a buy to let landlord. The latest HomeLet index shows that 7 out of 12 regions in the UK have had rent rises in the run up to February. This figure is set to continue rising.

    This may be bad news for the tenants, but in a climate were there are far more tenants than properties – it’s hardly shocking. According to Martin Totty, chief executive of Barbon Insurance Group, the parent company of HomeLet: “Demand for private rental property remains high and still outstrips supply, with 80 per cent of agents saying there are more tenants than properties.”

    The gap between average London rents and those in the rest of the country are beginning to narrow. The average rent on a whole in the UK is £899 pcm, when removing London from the equation the average rent is £724 pcm. Both of these figures have grown since December 2014 and January 2015 when the figures were £889 including London and £707 excluding London.

    In some regions in the UK the rent growth has been as big as 3.1% and 2.5%. Whereas, rents in areas such as London, Wales, East and West Midlands and Scotland have fallen in the past three months.

    So, if you’re looking to buy a property to rent out on the Wirral, there has never been a better time and our Wirral Letting Agents have lots of advice for you! You too could be earning amounts such as £724 pcm, how would you feel about that? With an excellent selection of properties on the Wirral, in areas of high demand, what are you waiting for? Make the investment in a property and Propeller Lettings Agents will help with the rest.

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    Propeller Lettings Landlords Update: New Law to Protect Tenants From Carbon Monoxide

    The Government plans to make sitting Carbon Monoxide (CO Alarms) mandatory. From October 2015, private landlords will be breaking the law if they fail to install CO alarms in the properties that they let out.

    This change has been made partially as a result of years of campaigning from groups like CO – Be Alarmed who regularly run campaigns warning of the dangers of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. Their most recent campaign has focused on keeping private renters safe from Carbon Monoxide.

    Carbon Monoxide is a deadly gas that can’t be seen, smelt or tasted. It can only be detected by an audible alarm. Many households across the UK, including those in the rental sector, don’t currently have an alarm due to a lack of awareness. The CO- Be Alarmed campaign research shows that most believe that it is the responsibility of their landlord to fit an alarm.

    The Government will  be working with CO- Be Alarmed in the coming months to raise awareness further about CO and to extend the legislation to also cover social landlords. As Wirral Letting Agents we recommend visiting http://www.co-bealarmed.co.uk/how-to-stay-safe/fit-an-alarm/ to any landlords and to take action in fitting your CO alarm as soon as possible.

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    Live by the Sea and Commute to the City. Wirral Letting Agents Explain the Charms of Wirral Life.

    What have Barcelona, Cape Town, Nice and Sydney all got in common? Other than delightful weather? The truth of the matter is these locations all combine city life with beach relaxation. In the UK, things are a little different. Dreary isolated villages or cramped city apartments are common.

    Of course a handful of places in the UK boast the best of both worlds. The ability to get up, commute to a city centre hub, come home in the evening and enjoy a delightful view of countryside or a beach (weather not guaranteed) is achieved by few in the UK due to geographical challenges. Those in Brighton may be able to do it, but who fancies a journey crowded commuter train plagued with problems, just to battle rush hour on the tube only to arrive at your office ready to collapse (or open a bottle of wine) instead of a day’s work. Not us that is for certain.

    Up here in the North, we do things a little differently and it has to be said that the Wirral is a very special place. Here we have great commuter links to Liverpool and Manchester, or even Chester. Merseyrail is trustworthy, delays are few and far between, so many who live close to a station can easily rely on train links to get them from A to B, or Beach to City as we may prefer.

    Check out our Wirral properties, listed by our leading team of Wirral Estate Agents. Our top beach locations include West Kirby, Hoylake and New Brighton and we have many properties in neighbouring towns too.  The new and improved beach front at New Brighton boasts a supermarket, cinema and a selection of bars. For a less lively lifestyle, Hoylake and  West Kirby also offer similar feats but at a laid back pace. All three locations have excellent bus and train links to Liverpool. If you fancy living in the city itself, Crosby offers a living experience to rival the charms of the Wirral.

    Heswall, Greasby and Oxton also come highly recommended by our team for a scenic and quiet family base, with the same excellent travel links.

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    Time Ticking By on Tax Relief for Wirral Landlords

    If you are a buy-to-let landlord, Propeller Lettings recommends that you act now before top tax perk is abolished.

    There is mere weeks left to act on applying for £1,500 tax relief, per property that could work to boost energy efficiency, i.e. such as insulation or a new boiler. Further cash back is also available according to terms and conditions,  up to a huge £5,600  of Green Deal  cash back could be received by landlords. However, be warned that the application process can be lengthy and complex so Wirral landlords should really apply ASAP if they wish to claim.

    New energy efficiency rules will come into place in three years, so landlords must act between now and then to make home improvements.  This could be pricey, costs might run into tens of thousands of pounds and are most likely to affect Victorian or Edwardian properties, which are thought to make up 10% of the rental market. These beautiful properties are common the Wirral in areas like Oxton, Hoylake and Wallasey.

    From April 2018, all rental properties must have an energy rating of Band E or higher, or else they will be unlawful to let. This came about following The Government’s claims that tenants renting a property with Band E or lower  energy rating, end up paying up to £880 more each year. When the new laws come about landlords could be fined or prosecuted  if they aren’t aware that their home isn’t ‘green’ enough.

    The regulations, however, do exempt properties where works are deemed ‘too expensive’ or in the unlikely case that properties are deemed as impossible to improve their efficiency.

    Currently landlords can claim income tax relief through the Landlords Energy Saving Allowance but you must act incredibly fast as this perk ends on April 6th 2015!

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    Wirral Letting Agents Tips: All Landlords Need Emergency Cover

    Just like anything else in life, when renting out a property you can never be too prepared. Many landlords get preoccupied with the endless list of tasks they need to do to prepare a property for rental, that they fail to recognise that they absolutely do need specialist landlord’s insurance to protect their rental properties.  An ordinary home insurance policy won’t protect you against the extra risks that you face when you become a landlord. Propeller Lettings, leading Wirral Letting Agents are fortunately on hand to tell you exactly what you should be looking for in a specialist Landlord’s Insurance Policy.

    Escape of Water Cover

    If your property is damaged due to burst pipes or flooding you will need to be covered or else it can prove very costly as well as even more inconvenient than that situation already is. This may not be included in all basic insurance packages, so you might need to get additional Home Emergency Cover to protect you and your tenants when it comes to dreaded situations such as central heating failure, burst pipes or flooded drains.

    Good  Claims Process

    Making a claim can be time consuming but the results are often worth it, as we at Propeller Lettings have seen time and time again. If you do need to make a claim then you want to ensure that it is dealt with as quickly and efficiently as is possible.

    Malicious Damage Cover

    If the very unfortunate situation of your tenant or their guest damaging your property or its contents, arises, this is a time when it is essential to have a specialist insurance policy for landlords.

     Fixtures and Fittings

    At Propeller Lettings, we see many of our Wirral Landlords supplying tenants with items such as satellite dishes and Wi-Fi equipment. Make sure these are covered in your policy too.

    Liability Cover

    Accidents can happen and if one of your tenants gets injured as a result of something dangerous in your property, avoid an escalating situation by having appropriate cover.

    Un-occupancy Cover

    As Letting Agents on the Wirral, we are thrilled that our lettings market is booming. Yet sometimes properties do end up being vacant for an extended period in between lets. You will need to make sure that you are covered even when you don’t currently have tenants.

    Legal Advice

    Some Landlord’s Insurance comes with a 24hour legal advice contact number. This isn’t necessary but could be useful in case of an unlikely event.

    Rent Guarantee Insurance

    Again, not necessary but here at Propeller Lettings, Wirral Letting Agents, we like to be safe rather than sorry. This added extra will give you protection against rent arrears.

    Live In Landlord?

    Some of you are live in landlords. Understandable that you want to share your beautiful Wirral based property. If this happens to be the case and you are remaining in your property whilst renting out one or more room to lodgers then you need a different specialist kind of insurance.  For that, search for Lodgers Insurance.

    There are many companies offering Specialist Landlord Insurance but local Landlord’s associations can also give you any information you need. Or simply get in touch with Propeller Lettings, Wirral who can also advise you on the best policy for your needs. Email us info@propletting.co.uk

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    Wirral Letting Agents Explain: Buy to Let Mortgage Rates and the ‘Refurbish to Let’ Shake-up

    Wirral Letting Agents Explain: Buy to Let Mortgage Rates and the ‘Refurbish to Let’ Shake-up

    Due  to rising property prices adversely effecting the return on rentals, an increasing amount of landlords are attempting to make profit from refurbishments. Not just limited to the Wirral and Liverpool, landlords across the country are becoming anxious to discover ways to maintain decent levels of returns despite intensifying property prices. The predicted increase in mortgage rates over the coming months is also bound to be on the minds of more than a few.

    So, not a nation to be beaten by circumstance, many of Britain’s landlords have been embracing the idea of refurbishing to let as a way of boosting their overall profits. But just what is the benefits of refurbish to let? And is it a strategy guaranteed to work?

    The Strategy.

    Refurbish to Let involves buying run down homes and quickly working to increase their value by undergoing a radical refurbishment. Some landlords choose to do the work on their own, but many opt to hire a team of professionals for a quicker and more polished result.

    Lenders say more landlords are now keen to buy properties in need of major work, so long as they can acquire the property in a cheap deal. A popular move is to add even more rooms to the property before they put it on the rental market.

    Established landlords will know about the trend of HMO. For everyone else, ‘HMO’ is ‘House in Multiple Occupation’ where multiple tenants live together and this is typically seen as the highest yielding form of the complex web that is Buy to Let.

    Refurbishment not only increases the property’s value, but also lowers long term maintenance costs and will likely attract high quality tenants who will stay put for longer.

    The Catch.

    Sold? Don’t go rushing out to find the Wirral’s hidden gem of an inhabitable home just yet.

    Investors do have their pick currently of Buy to Let mortgages, gratis from the austere affordability tests on owner-occupiers, yet securing finance for a refurbish to let is an entirely different story.

    Traditionally, many investors wanting to do a refurbishment on a property pay cash.

    If you are a landlord with a lengthy portfolio of properties, you could probably raise the mortgage on one property in order to pay upfront for the refurbishment then raise a loan against it once the project is complete. But even this process can entail multiple applications, booking fees, valuations and surveys and even early repayment charges on the initial mortgage.

    In the past, landlords have had a terrible time, finding it almost impossible to secure a mortgage if a property they’re interested in is inhabitable, getting hold of the capital can be nothing less than a challenge.

    Even where refurbishment is not part of the process, HMO investments are typically not the most promising sign for anyone looking to obtain a loan. Lenders see HMOs as risky, perhaps because the rooms are let out separately and because there are additional regulation requirements needed to carry out the multiple occupation, such as registering with a local authority.

    The Chances.

    Landlords might still undertake major refurbishment works using traditional Buy to Let borrowing if they are prepared to look hard. Some properties might only need a light refurbishment, so there won’t be a need for a specialist loan.

    Our Wirral Letting Agent specialists have found the cheapest deal for Buy to Let borrowers with a 40pc deposit, for example, is with the Post Office at 3.65pc. Unfortunately though, only experience landlords would be eligible for this loan.

    Less experienced landlords can look to Interbay http://www.interbay.co.uk/ if they have a 30pc deposit. Interbay offers a 7pc rate for a light refurbish and a 7.5pc rate for a heavier project. Interbay customers pay a 1.9pc broker fee.

    Britain’s high street banks are playing catch up in the refurbishment market. HSBC are considering introducing a hybrid loan and mortgage deal following feedback received from their buy-to-let customers. None of the major banks have offered a similar product just yet though.

    The Verdict.

    So there we have it. Propeller lettings as a favourite Wirral Letting Agents, have worked with Refurbish to Let clients in the past and we know it isn’t easy. If you do decide to go ahead with it, be careful not to go over your refurbishment budget. Do you have the necessary experience to know what will really add value to properties you could buy to refurbish? If not seek professional advice. Do you have the trade contacts and experience in pricing out a refurbishment? Again if not, tread carefully and do your research.

    As Letting Agents Liverpool and Wirral, we are here to answer questions about tenant requirements, the Wirral is a drastically varied place, some places may be a hub for families looking to rent three bedroom homes; other areas are filled with HMO properties. We can also help you learn about the rental income in the area you are looking to buy. Get in touch with us at info@propletting.go.uk


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