There’s a problem with my property. What should I do?

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Why do you charge for background checks?

The property you want to rent is a valuable asset. For some landlords it’s their life savings and pension rolled into one. We’re entrusted with this asset and have a duty of care to landlords make sure that we look after their rental property.

We’re obliged to carry out checks on prospective tenants to make sure that they able to meet their financial commitments and to make sure that they don’t have a history of damaging properties.

We get charged by reference agencies for doing these checks, plus it takes our people time, so we need to pass those costs on.

What am I responsible for maintaining in my rental property? And what is my landlord responsible for?

A lot will depend on the terms of your particular property rental agreement. You should check the terms and make sure that you’re happy with them before you sign.

In general, your landlord will be responsible for maintaining permanent fixtures and fittings, such as the structure of the building, including roof, walls, windows, fixed woodwork and general decoration, as well as plumbing, heating and electrical infrastructure fixed to the building.

Most tenants will be responsible for keeping the property generally clean and tidy, maintaining the gardens and replacing consumables, including light bulbs.

Kitchen appliances and furniture will depend on the terms of your tenancy agreement, so please refer to your agreement.

If there is a problem with your property it is your responsibility to report it. Please report it as quickly as possible if the problem could – or is – causing damage to the property, like a leaking roof, burst pipe or rain coming in through a broken window.

But we’re not the emergency services; if the place is on fire get out, dial 999, and THEN let us know.

What if I think I’m being treated unfairly?

We always try to be fair, open and honest with our tenants. If you think you’re not being treated fairly, please tell us why and we’ll listen.

If you’re still not satisfied you have the right to take your complaint to The Property Ombudsman. The Property Ombudsman is an independent organisation that makes ruling in disputes between tenants and letting agents or landlords who are members of the TPO scheme. It’s free to take your complaint to The Property Ombudsman.

 How can I be sure I’ll get my deposit back?

Your deposit is protected by the Deposit Protection Service. When we receive your deposit, we pay it into an online account held by the DPS. The funds are ring-fenced and repaid to the appropriate parties at the end of the tenancy.

If agreement can’t be reached between the landlord, agent and tenant then the dispute will be submitted to the Independent Case Examiner for adjudication, but this will attract a fee from the ICE.