Better service

We know we can give an efficient, professional service to tenants and landlords because that’s we’ve done on our own property portfolio for years.

The leadership team has multi-industry experience of planning, building and executing complex management systems. We’ve developed streamlined systems and procedures that cut admin time and improve efficiency.

Cutting personnel hours means cutting cost and reducing the time needed to get things done. This saves operational time and money. Saving which we can pass on to our customers, whether tenant or landlord. Everyone benefits from reasonable costs and a better, more efficient letting service.

Combine that with better marketing means a faster, more efficient tenant find process so we can keep your valuable capital asset performing with good returns.

Lower turnover

Our own property portfolio has exceptionally low tenant turnover rate and void periods. The reason is quality.  Quite simply we only market properties that people want to live in.

Our tenants know that we value their business and that we see them as customers. Our policy is to never take on a substandard property, so tenants are never dissatisfied, so stay in place paying the rent for longer.