As much or as little as you need

From simple tenant find to fully managed, we can provide as much or little as you want.

Property is a physical asset so needs maintenance to keep it in quality condition, keep tenants happy and keep the rent coming in. Maintenance spend is seldom wasted – a skipped £50 plumbing repair can easily become a £1,000 re-plastering bill.

Propeller has two offerings in maintenance. Either the landlord handles their own repairs or we take care of it as a service. We charge cost plus 10%, unless the landlord has taken our management option, then the fee is waived on works up to your pre-agreed “Automatic Authorisation Value”.

Choose the level of service you want and let us take care of the rest.

Automatic Authorisation Value

The AAV is the limit you set for us to spend in emergencies without asking you first. Allowing us this leeway in sorting out problems fast not only helps prevent damage and cost escalating, but also lets us do what we’re paid to do – manage your property without disturbing you with every little problem.

Client preferred contractors

We’ll try to use the landlord’s preferred contractors, if required. Tell us who you’d like to use for key trades and services and we’ll always call them first.

Right contractor at the right price

We don’t undermine our contractor relationships by gathering competitive quotes for every leaky tap or blocked drain. We use a pre-vetted roster of contractors to repair and maintain our properties for work up to a certain value. And because we buy in bulk we can secure good prices up front.

Our contractors have been evaluated against cost and performance – as with all things, cheapest is usually not the best. All contractor identification and certification is kept on file in our offices. We would not permit random contractors in our properties nor would we in yours.

When major works are needed competitive tendering is used, in close consultation with the landlord.