The difference is simple

Propeller is different. We’re simple, honest and open. No hidden fees, no nasty surprises written into the small print.

How much letting agents charge for management usually depends on the property, taking a hefty percentage. We don’t take a percentage of your rent, we just charge a flat fee for letting management. We’re the only Wirral rental agent to do this.

It takes the same effort and cost to let a cheap property as does to let an expensive property, so charging more for bigger properties makes no sense. As an agent advertising properties to let through leading web search sites our costs are a fixed overhead. Advertising costs don’t change whether you’re renting out a mansion or a maisonette, so why penalise landlords with larger, more valuable properties by charging a percentage?

Or, if you’re happy to manage tenants yourself, we can offer a simple tenant find service, accessing powerful advertising know how and property sites faster and more effectively.

All our costs are set out clearly and simply here.

We understand landlords because we are landlords

Propeller was set up because we just couldn’t get the service quality we needed from our agents. The service that you’ll get from us and the care with which your property is managed is exactly what we’d expect for our own portfolio.

Flattering to deceive

Most property marketing photography uses a fish eye lens for internal shots. This distorts the customers’ view, literally. There’s no point getting lots of viewings if the property they see with their own eyes doesn’t match the pictures.

We use photography that shows your property as it is, so that you get the right people through the door, weeding out those who are never going to buy in the first place. Short films to create a 360 view of key rooms, so prospective customers get a better feel for the place and only those that really want it visit. This helps us keep costs down and deliver flat fees to you.

Avoid the void

Void periods are the red flag in the landlord’s business plan. While a substandard property should never be let and an unqualified tenant should never access a quality property, void periods should be driven to the absolute minimum.

A typical void period is approximately three months. With professional service this can be reduced but it can’t be eliminated. By far the best economic solution is to reduce tenant turn over in the first place. And the best way to do that is provide rental customers with a well-maintained property, professional service and attention to detail.