No hidden surprises

We have a duty of care to both you and the landlords whose valuable assets we’re entrusted with to rent out. We have to do some checks on the people we rent to and those checks take time and money.

We’ll always try to be fair, open and honest, that’s why we let you know up front all the costs involved in renting a property. Payment for these services can be made by BACS, cheque or cash. Rent payments must be by Standing Order. See our Tenant Fee Structure, below, or download a copy here: PLR020T_1113 Tenant Fee Structure

Deposit protection

A deposit, or bond, is paid in case the tenant leaves without paying rent or damages their rental property. As long as the tenant pays their rent and bills, and leaves the property the way they found it, then they should be entitled to their deposit back when they leave.

The level of the deposit will depend on the details of each property.

Your deposit is protected by the Deposit Protection Service. When we receive your deposit, we pay it into an account held by the DPS. The money is protected and repaid at the end of the tenancy.

Repayment of the deposit will be within ten working days of all parties agreeing.




New Application for Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement (ASTA)  


Additional applicant for inclusion on ASTA Per person


Guarantor to ASTA
(Some applications may require a Guarantor,
subject to status and credit rating)
Per person


Amendment fee
(Tenant requested Amendments to the
ASTA after signature)


Tenancy Extension
(Re-signing of ASTA on same terms at the end of the Term)


Missed Appointment
(If the Tenant misses a pre-arranged appointment with the Agent or a nominated Contractor at the rental Property)


Non-fault property visits
(If the Tenant requests a visit to the Property for a
problem outside of the Landlord’s responsibility)


Late Rent reminder
(If the Tenant misses a Rent payment)


Returned payment
(If a Tenant payment is returned or refused)


Breach of Terms letter
(If the Tenant breaches the Terms of the ASTA
we will write to inform the Tenant of the breach)