Tips for First Time Renters. Wirral Letting Agents Encourage Organisation

Here at Propeller we are Wirral and Liverpool Letting Agents and find nothing more pleasing than satisfied landlords and tenants. The rental market can move very quickly with lots to do that could prove difficult if you are a first time renter. Here is our advice to help first time renters through a smooth and steady rental process.

Ask Questions 

If you are renting for the first time it is easy to become overwhelmed. People can expect you to know all about costs, rules, contracts etc. Legal requirements are also a challenge, and different landlords have different charges and the whole process can be confusing. Ask questions and act upon getting the answers as soon as you possibly can so that everything is clear in your mind.

Talk to your Landlord 

Find out if you are in an ‘Assured Shorthold Tenancy.’ If you are then the landlord has a legal obligation to put your deposit in a protected deposit scheme. If they haven’t then contact them within 30 days of your moving in.

Make sure you are clear on (and can afford) the upfront costs such as a month’s rent in advance and a deposit (the average deposit is six months in rent.) Always confirm these figures as soon as you show interest in the property.

Letting Agents 

Find out exactly what this includes.The likelihood is there will be fees for professional cleaning, credit checks, the drawing up of contracts and reference checks. Plan ahead again by confirming with your references that they are willing to be used as references. If you are a pet owner, once again there can be additional fees.

Prepare your Documents 

The process from viewing to renting can be done really quickly if you don’t have delays in sorting out/finding your essential documents. These include but are not limited to; proof of address, proof of work, colleagues who can act as a reference and possibly recent bank statements.

When searching for a renting property, organisation is key. The quicker you pay your fees and submit your documents, the closer you are to your new rented home.




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