Wirral Letting Agents Tips to Sustaining a Healthy Relationship Between Tenant and Landlord

As experienced Wirral Letting Agents having a good relationship between landlord and tenant can be crucial throughout tenancy as without it, you may be faced with a bad experience – on behalf of both landlord and tenant. Tenants may also risk the possibility of not receiving their deposit back at the end of tenancy if the landlord has not been happy with their treatment of the property. Likewise, if a landlord is lazy or harsh, tenants are not going to be cooperative or respect property regulations.

Tips for tenants

If you discover a problem in your living space, first assess whether it is something that you can fix yourself or if it is something that should be left to the professionals. If you pester your landlord persistently over trivial problems this can be annoying and they may end up giving up trying to help (which would be bad if a larger problem arose).  In any case, be sure to be persistent when there is something you need the landlord to sort out; you may need to follow up your conversations with emails. If you do happen to damage the property or furnishings in any way, it is best not to try to cover up the damage and instead let them know straight away, even if it is a hard conversation.

 Being positive and friendly with your landlord can get you far, especially when they are offering a service. In addition to this, be sure to pay your rent on time – reliability goes both ways.

Tips for landlords

When you have new tenants moving into your property, welcoming them is important. Any problems with the property should be fixed before the tenants move in.

If the property has a gas/electricity key, inform your tenants before they move in and maybe even top it up a little to ensure that they have enough gas and electricity for when they arrive. Also be sure to inform them in advance and give them a lot of notice if you are considering upping the rent as they may need to ready themselves financially. In increasing the rent however, your tenants may be more obliging if you offer to make the property worth that extra bit of money – i.e. by making improvements, supplying them with new equipment, etc.

If a tenant comes to you with a problem, fix it as soon as possible. Not only does this help out your tenant and sustain a good relationship, it also helps to keep your property in good condition, not letting it fall into disrepair. Also make sure that your property is safe and habitable, ensuring that the gas and electricity supplies are safe as well as wires, you may also want to provide smoke detectors. 

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